Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

December 2021.

After several months of negotiations, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. has signed contracts with Atlantic Štark for three new projects.

Renown company Atlantic Štark, member of successful Antlantic Group, has recognized Energoprojekt Industrija as a responsible and reliable company with decades of experience in designing industry buildings and therefore, entrusted the development of design documentation for construction and refurbishment of production plants for confectionery to EPI.

Cooperation with Atlantic Štark is an excellent opportunity for EPI to prove again its expertise and commitment to quality development of design documentation and validate its name and reputation in business circles.

Within the first contract, it is required to develop As-built design (PIO), Atlantic Group complex (Atlantic Štark) for:
• Production area of 21.785,00 m2
• Storage space of 4.016,00 m2
• Desert Line of 2.500,00 m2.

The second contract involves development of Design for Construction (PZI) for production line waffle of total area for design engineering of 1.600 m2, while the third contract includes development of the entire design-technical documentation and obtaining all required permits and approvals for packaging line, Atlantic Group (Atlantic Štark), branch Ljubovija. The design documentation shall include conversion of storage area in packaging area, as well as extension of new storage area. Total area for design engineering is 1000 m2, out of which 500m2 of existing area and 500m2 of new area (storage area).


Signing of the contract for the development of design documentation for construction of central cooling system for cooling process water within the existing plant of the factory in the complex „Johnson Electric“, represents the beginning of cooperation with this giant in the field of producing electric and electronic equipment for motor vehicles.

Johnson Electric company is doing business successfully in Niš for years and has now decided to upgrade its business by extending production capacity of the factory Johnson Electric with third phase of building. Within that extension, company Energoprojekt Industrija has been assigned to design centralized cooling system for cooling process water, and we hope that that is just the beginning of successful cooperation with this company.


At the end of 2019, Energoprojekt Industrija has continued its long-standing cooperation with the company JUB by signing the contract for the development and compliance of technical documentation with local regulations, consulting services for obtaining permits and approvals for the project of Production plant for paste-like skim compound, facade render and exposed aggregate concrete production plant.

The goal of this project is to optimise the production and packaging process, increase capacities with highest level of automatization with the intention to increase productivity and decrease the number of people involved in this process.

Based on the design documentation developed by EPI, all required permits for execution of works (which are successfully finished) were obtained, and it is now possible for EPI to develop As-built designs for technical commission and obtaining usage permit for the said plant. Previously, Ministry of Interior has issued approval for Design for Construction and the application for the completion of the building in structural terms was made. EPI’s designer team has visited the location and currently works on developing As-built design documentation.


At the beginning of the year, Energoprojekt Industrija has successfully contacted work with one of the most significant companies in the field of household chemicals, Henkel, on developing technical documentation for capacity extension for buildings: “Plant for production of refreshing and toilet care balls with packaging and raw material warehouse” and “Plant for production of detergents for machine washing”. For the purpose of extending capacities of buildings within the complex of Henkel factory in Kruševac, it is necessary to relocate the existing burner. The industrial burner is a device that represents special structural unit in the Plant for powder detergents.

For all the above mentioned, as a Bidder who met all technical conditions, Energoprojekt Industrija was chosen to also develop design documentation for the relocation of industrial burner within the existing detergent plant.

Technical documentation shall include necessary designs for newly designed route for natural gas to the nearest tie-in point at the existing gas distribution network that shall supply relocated burner at the new location and be part of the interior gas distribution system (UGI).