Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

Technical Documentation Development and Consultancy Services for the New Air Traffic Control Tower in Niš – Airports of Serbia LTD – Ongoing Project

In March 2021, Airports of Serbia LTD Niš published a public call for the centralised public procurement Technical Documentation Development and Consultancy Services for the New Air Traffic Control Tower in Niš on the official Serbian Public Procurement Portal. Energoprojekt Industrija’s bid was deemed acceptable, and the Contract on Business Cooperation was signed on 23 April 2021.

The second largest civil aviation airport in the Republic of Serbia and the alternative for Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the existing Constantine the Great Airport in Niš is being modernised and expanded. The first step in this process is the construction of the Air Traffic Control Tower in Niš with its related facilities and infrastructure.

In addition to the Air Traffic Control Tower as the main facility, the following auxiliary facilities shall be constructed so as to ensure proper and uninterrupted operation of the Tower:

• Departure desk with security check area;
• Staff-only entry point with airside;
• Transformer substation TS Tower 10 kV / 0.4 kV, 2x1000 kVA;
• Buried diesel fuel tank;
• Weather station;
• Roads and parking spaces.

The facilities occupy a total gross building area of 3,413.43 m2, while the weather station area, roads, platforms and parking spaces (open spaces) occupy a gross building area of 8,000 m2.

The technical documentation of the Design for Building Permit (reviewed and verified by the Technical Review) was uploaded to the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures on 10 October 2022. Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. goes on to prepare the Design for Execution.

In addition, in order to enable proper functioning and undisturbed access to the facilities at the expanded airport complex, in 2021, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. signed another contract upon a Public Procurement, which is being implemented. The contract is related to the renovation and construction of internal transport infrastructure on the landside of the airport complex. The total net building area shall be 65,000 m2.

The existing traffic network within the complex consists of roads enabling access to the complex’s facilities and making up an internal network between two primary zones of the complex: the Passenger Terminal gravitating towards the Terminal Building and the Customs Terminal intended for the flow of freight vehicles, gravitating towards the Customs Terminal. Furthermore, the auxiliary traffic network facilities at the site include several parking spaces with tollbooths, a transformer substation, changing rooms and toilets, etc.

The works on the renovation and construction of the internal transport infrastructure shall be executed in five phases.

The technical documentation of the Design for Building Permit has been completed and verified by the Technical Review and then submitted to the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures portal on 1 November 2022.

Since then, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. has been working on the Design for Execution.

The Implementation of Two Contracts with LAFARGE Beočin Cement Plant (BFC)

Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. has maintained successful business cooperation with the Beočin Cement Plant for more than ten years. The cooperation continues regardless of the change in the ownership structure of this industrial business entity. Therefore, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. engineers have been engaged by Lafarge BFC d.o.o., part of Lafarge Holcim Group, on the implementation of two contracts for the preparation of technical and design documentation for the following production facilities: “Alternative fuel substitution“ and “New filter of the raw material preparation process line“.

The alternative fuel substitution project is comprised of three systems:

I Alternative fuel dosage system using a satellite burner – Facility for the reception, storage, preparation and dosage of cut municipal industrial waste – refurbishment and expansion of the equipment within the facility

II Chlorine bypass system – The new 2,000m3 chlorine dust silo; the new 50m3 hydrated lime silo; the compressor room; the ø1800mm pipe rack for the new process pipeline extending from the process fan to the existing kiln chimney; the ø1800mm chlorine bypass process pipeline with two cooling chambers extending to the new 2,000m3 chlorine dust silo

III System for the dosage of chlorine dust conveyed to cement mills – The 200 m3 chlorine dust silo; the pipe rack for 2 x dn150 pipeline connecting the chlorine dust silo and the cement mills in the existing building.

The Technical Documentation and Concept Design necessary for obtaining the Location Conditions have been completed and submitted to the Client. The Concept Design documentation was submitted for State Audit Committee’s review in July 2022., and the Design for Building Permit is being developed.

The subject of the second contract is the devlopment of design and technical documentation for the new filter of the raw material preparation process line.

Namely, Lafarge BFC holds an IPPC permit (140-501-963/2018-05) issued by the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection in July 2019. According to the program of adapting the facility’s operation to the BAT (Best Available Techniques) requirements, Lafarge BFC is obliged to modify and replace its electric filters by 1 January 2024 so as to reduce the dust emission on the preparation chimney below 20mg/Nm3.

In order to meet the increasingly strict ecological requirements regarding emission, instead of modifying the forty-year-old electric filter, Lafarge BFC chose to replace it with a bag filter of the newest generation in compliance with the BAT requirements. The new dedusting system is far more efficient than the existing one. By opting for this solution, not only will dust emission levels on the chimney be significantly lowered but the occasional breakdowns of the electric filter due to high CO content and the danger of electric filter explosion will be avoided, too, as pointed out in IPPC permit’s Chapter III Conditions, Point 10 – Unstable (Transitory) Operating Conditions.

The dedusting system is made up of two subsystems:
- the new bag filter, the accompanying main process fan, the clean gas piping and the chimney
- hot return gas pipeline with a booster fan

Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. prepares the complete design and technical documentation for all phases of this project. The Concept Design required for the Urban Development Design and obtaining the Location Conditions has been completed. The Preliminary Design documentation was submitted for State Audit Committee’s inspection and subsequently approved. An official report was issued, so the work on the Design for Building Permit is now in its final stage.



On 8 April 2022, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. signed a contract with SUNOKO d.o.o.Novi Sad, a Serbian manufacturer and exporter of sugar, launching the ENA/PG/Fuel Alcohol Production Plant Construction project, to be implemented in Kovačica, Serbia.

Meetings with the Client are held on a regular basis. The process design is underway, and all profiles of design engineers are being engaged on the project, paying particular attention to the details of the design draft. The architectural solutions for Facilities 9 and 10 (Decanting and Evaporation), the warehouse, the CO2 Building and the Laboratory with Canteen and Offices have been completed and delivered for the Client’s consideration.


In 2021, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. signed three contracts with ATLANTIC GRUPA D.O.O, a business entity dealing with the manufacture, development, sale and distribution of consumer goods in the field of the food industry. The contracts cover the development of technical documentation for the following As-Built Designs:

The project has been completed.

The technical documentation is being edited due to the Client’s repeated changes and amendments to the design draft. Having relevant know-how, the Client is expected to provide data on the process equipment and procedure.

c) ATLANTIK ŠTARK d.o.o. Ljubovija, Contract No.2666-EI/21
The project has been completed.