Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.
January 2017.

"AD Aerodrom Nikola Tesla" - PASSENGER CHECK-IN AREA

Execution of works on adaptation

At the end of December 2016, Energoprojekt Industrija concluded another Contract with the Client "AD Aerodrom Nikola Tesla", Belgrade. The subject matter of the Contract is the execution of works on adaptation of passenger check-in area and preparation of As-Built Documentation for the building, for the purpose of obtaining the use permit.

The adaptation shall be carried out in the area comprised of three units: Passenger Check-In Hall in the connecting area, Terminal T1 Hall and Terminal T1 Hall with the waiting room. Total area covered by the works is about 1,100 m². The Contract implies: civil, construction and finishing works, interior design works, as well as the works on mechanical, hydrotechnical, electric power, telecommunication and Central Monitoring and Control System installations.

Due to the specific purpose of the building and working hour regime, the works on adaptation shall be carried out in very complex conditions. An indispensable condition in the work execution management was to ensure unhindered flow of passengers and operation of Terminal 1, both during regular working hours, and in the night shift and on non-working days. Thanks to a good organization, despite the difficult conditions, the works have progressed in line with the agreed schedule.

Simultaneously with the works execution, technical documentation – As-Built Documentation of the building is being prepared.

December 2016.


NIS Delayed Coker Unit

Following long negotiations that lasted almost whole 2016 and covered prequalification and several proposals of various work packages, Energoprojekt Industry signed at the end of November 2016 a contract with US company CB&I (with European head office in Brno, Czech Republic) for provision of services related to designing, design validation and obtaining of permits from competent authorities for the construction of Deep Oil Processing Plant – Delayed Coker Unit within Pančevo Oil Refinery. The end Client is the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS). Construction of a new deep oil processing plant and delayed coker unit with necessary appurtenant facilities and infrastructure at particular micro-location is one of the major NIS projects within Phase II of modernisation of the oil processing complex in NIS Oil Refinery in Pančevo.

The Delayed Coker Unit (S-5300, DCU) transforms heavy residual oil into light gaseous and liquid products and hard coke ("green coke") by applying thermal cracking technology. The feed charge of heavy residues is heated in a specially designed furnace to a high temperature with a short delay time. Thermal cracking reactions begin in furnace spiral tubes and end in reactor vessels (longer delay vessel).

Thermal cracking reactions in furnace are controlled carefully in order to minimise formation of coke in furnace spirals. Hard product ("green coke") remains in reactor vessels. Gas effluents from reactor vessels are quenched to prevent further cracking reactions and production of various distillates and light end products.

Following waterjet cutting (220 bar pump) in reactor vessels and dewatering inside coke pit, coke is transported by overhead crane into feed tube above grinder. Coke gravitationally falls from the tube into the grinder where large pieces are ground into required grain sizes.

Coke of adequate grain size is transported by belt conveyer to the Coke Transport System (S-5600, CHS). Then coke is transported by enclosed conveyers to closed steel silos.

In addition to these two new plants, the following new/reconstructed appurtenant plants/facilities are envisaged for the DCU:
- Expansion of the cooling system (S-9150);
- Electric power supply system (S-25200A, new transformer station) – (This facility is elaborated in the Preliminary Design of the relevant discipline);
- Interconnection facilities (S-23000A)
- Storage tanks (S-2350);
- Pumping stations (S-2360);
- Acid wastewater stripping facility IV (S-5900), including Packet Unit for removal of phenyl-cyanide (A-5901).
- Amina regeneration facility III (S5950);

Energoprojekt Industry was entrusted with the validation of all designs prepared by CB&I as the technology developer, all static calculations of concrete and steel structures within the plant, development of all designs of auxiliary structures within the plant, checking and certification of designs of pipelines under pressure within the plant and provision of assistance in obtaining permits from competent authorities. The contract includes Construction Permit Designs, Detail Designs and As-Built Designs and the planned deadline for completion of the project is the end of 2018.

May – August 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In May 2016 Enegroprojekt Industry plc. contracted development of Basic Designs for the Factory of pharmaceutical products in Tema, Ghana, covering the net area of around 11,000 m2, with the capacity of 1,000,000,000 tablets per year. The contract was signed with a new Client, Ernest Chemists Ghana through EP Ghana.

Invited by the EP Ghana and the Client, Energoprojekt Industrija made a thorough analysis of the existing Indian design, as the Client was not satisfied with it, and identified possible savings that could be made by applying better technological solutions and by implementing GMP guidelines. As a result of the finished analysis, Energoprojekt Industry, competing with Indian and Spanish companies, succeeded in contracting development of the Basic Designs.

In preparing the Basic designs, significant savings of material and space were achieved, which opened a possibility for introducing new production into the present facility (sterile forms, infusion solutions). The Basic Design was completed in extremely short time period and it was successfully presented and defended in June, which paved the way for a project expansion and development of Detail designs. Development of Detail designs started at the end of August 2016.

June 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. Energoprojekt Industry has contracted cooperation with a new client - UMKA Ltd. The contracted service involves preparation of design documents for the existing boiler – power facility, which is envisaged to move to Umka Cardboard Mill location. The facility with the installed capacity of 40/50 t/h, pressure of 36 bar and power of 40 MW will generate power and steam using coal as fuel.

The present condition of the facility, structures and installations was surveyed and available technical documents were analysed. Accordingly, the expert team of Enegoprojekt Industry provided recommendations to the Client regarding possibilities of their use. Based on these recommendations, the Client will assign accredited companies to determine functionality of the elements that are to be moved.

Implementation of Phase I is in progress, involving developoment of a conceptual solution and preliminary design with the specifications of works. The deadline for completion of this part is end of August 2016.

June 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In June 2016 Energoprojekt Industry established cooperation with Public Health Administration of East Kazakhstan Region in Ust Kamenogorsk City. Energoprojekt Industry was awarded the project of the Haematological Centre of East Kazakhstan region within the state programme of heath protection development for the period of 2016-2020, DENSAULIK. It involves preparation of the Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for construction of the haematological centre in Ust Kamenogorsk City.

The Centre comprises a main facility (inpatient department and polyclinics) and a boarding facility. The main facility with the capacity of 70 beds on four floors (GF+3) and covering the total area of 23,875 m2, is intended for treatment of children and adults. Apart from the inpatient department with 70 beds, it will contain a department of bone marrow transplantation of with 10 beds, operations unit with three operating theatres, a reanimation theatre with 8 beds, two reception departments and polyclinics unit, roentgen-diagnostics unit, diagnostics and endoscopy department, administration unit including a conference hall with the capacity of 150 seats, etc. The axillary i.e. boarding facility covering the total area of 23,875 m2 can accommodate 24 patients waiting for their therapies and interventions.

The works are planned to be completed by mid-September 2016.

May 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In May 2016 Energoprojekt Industry established cooperation with Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC, Belgrade, on the Project of Preparation of Technical Documents for Reconstruction of Electric Power Infrastructure for Power Supply to METEO and LNRS Equipment.

The design documents will include topographic-cadastral plans, geomechanical report, conceptual solution, preliminary design, detail design and tender documents.

The project involves reconstruction of one main transformer station 0.4/3 kV 1000 kVA and seven local transformer stations 3/0.4 kV 20 kVA as well as cable route in the length of 12 km.

April 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In April 2016 Energoprojekt Industry signed a turn-key contract with Heineken d.o.o., Zaječar, for the preparation of design documents and construction of a building within Heineken brewery complex in Zaječar that will house new fermenters with the capacity of 6 x 4000 hl.

The design documents were completed within the contracted deadline and the Client was issued a Decision on the Construction Permit. The works were commenced with and they progress at the envisaged rate, meeting interim deadlines that are synchronised with the dates of delivery and installation of equipment provided by the Client.

The planned deadline for completion of works is the first half of August.

2015. / 2016.


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In the period 2015/2016 Energoprojekt Industry plc., prepared all draft documents related to the universal sports complex "Boxing Centre" in Kazakhstan for the Public Association "Mangystau Region Boxing Federation", Aktau, Kazakhstan. The centre, inter alia, comprises a multifunctional hall with stands (1,500 seats), a swimming pool and a gym, covering the total area of 16,785 m2 (GF+2), a hotel with the total area of 4,345 m2, open-air sports grounds (mini football, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, running track), a well as a technical block – transformer station and boiler house, a network of internal roads, footpaths, green areas, a parking lot with 295 car parking spaces and 4 bus parking spaces.

Due to importance of this facility, the technical documents have to be approved by the highest competent state authorities. All draft documents were submitted for the state review in the second half of Jun 2016.

2015. / 2016


Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d. In August 2015 Energoprojekt Industry signed a contract with Zorka Chemicals, Šabac, for reconstruction and expansion of the Medical Devices and Chemicals Production Plant with the appurtenant open-air storage of organic solvent within Zorka Pharma Chemicals, Ltd., Šabac.

Works began in August 2015 with the reconstruction of the production plant and administration building roof, covering the total area of around 1300 m2, which was followed by the reconstruction of premises in the organic solvent and medical devices plant, storage, etc.

At the Client's request, Energoprojekt Industry modified the existing design documents (Construction Permit Design and Detail Design) in accordance with the conceptual solution and Guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Based on the modified documents, the Client obtained an amended Decision on Construction Permit and works are in progress accordingly.

Works are organised in such a manner so that they do not hinder the Client's regular production, they progress in accordance with the envisaged time schedule and they are planned to be completed by the end of August 2016.