Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.
Period: November 2007. - August 2010.

Paid dividend for 2006

Energoprojekt Industrija is the first company in the Energoprojekt system which according to the decision of the Shareholders assembly on share premium distribution, 20th September, paid dividend to its shareholders completely for 2006.
The total number of shares for which the dividend was paid is 197.310, and total gross amont is 3.946.200 dinars, actually 20 dinars (gross) per share.

Projects for the new factory “Sojaprotein“

Company "Sojaprotein" AD from Becej started the execution of the soy protein isolates and soy protein concentrates production. The new factory shall be the biggest European manufacturer of raw materials for the meat industry and the industry of healthy food and it shall have the production capacity of 15 000 ton/year. Energoprojekt Industrija and »Sojaprotein« made the agreement on the designing of the new factory in September. The foreign associate shall take part in the execution of these works as well, the leading world consulting company in the soy products production, »International protein Services Inc«.

The works are planned to be finished in approximately two years.

"Gala" water from Mionica

In the village Kljuc in Mionica area, the Mineral water bottling plant was opened in September „Delta Mioni“; „Delta Holding“ from Belgrade invested 20 million EUR in these works. Energoprojekt Industrija has done the project documentation for this factory as well as the designer supervision during its execution. The factory has 7.000 m˛ and the most modern bottling equipment. 12.000 bottles of water can be filled in PET packaging, i.e. 6.000 bottles in glass packaging. The promoter of the water which is advertisingly launched as „Gala“ is our tennis player Novak Đokovic.

Project in Kazahstan

Energoprojekt Industrija has been doing the Conceptual design and technoeconomic analyses on investment validity for the wholesale market in the town Astana in Kazakhstan.

The lot area planned for this market is 60 ha.

Besides the conditions for the execution of the facilities of the total area of 80.000 m˛ for the provision of other contents at the open area of the wholesale market, it is necessary to plan the corresponding infrastructure and energetic suppliers.