Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.
Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

Developing its initial, basic, business activity, design of industrial facilities and plants, Energoprojekt Industrija nowadays through its specialized design departments and with engagement of specific outsourcers can prepare the design documents for wide range of technologies and processes, architecture and construction of industrial and other facilities, landscaping of the complex, mechanical, electrical and hydrotechnical installations, telecommunication and information systems and installations, process and building services management, environment protection studies, feasibility studies, fire fighting design, etc.

All these design documents can be prepared in line with local regulations as well as the regulations of the surrounding countries, and those based on British Standard and Russian Federation Standards.

Besides aforementioned, Energoprojekt Industrija, for 70 years, has been providing consulting and engineering services, including also technical assistance in selection, procurement and contracting the equipment, delivery of production technology, buying licences, planning, organization and control of all activities related to realization of industrial designs, conducts technical and financial supervision during construction, organizes training of personnel and acquiring guaranteed performances during the trial work of the plant.

This complex line of activities, Energoprojekt Industrija has been conducting with its professional and qualified employees as holders and organizers of business tasks with recruitment of specialized outsourcers and subcontractors for certain activities and performance of work using the models:

Energoprojekt Industrija a. d. “executive“ or “non-executive“ Project management
Energoprojekt Industrija a. d. main, i.e. general contractor
Energoprojekt Industrija a. d. “turnkey“

Energoprojekt Industrija has more than 84 employees with more than 40 engineers chartered by Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

Energoprojekt Industrija uses the state of art IT and computer knowledge, providing its clients with transfer of knowledge and experience, giving them the chance to obtain the team of highly qualified professionals during construction.

Based on professional knowledge and many years of experience in realization of industrial plants, by developing and diversifying its business activities in 1998, with financial participation of foreign partners, Energoprojekt Industrija built and started-up EnergoPET, factory for production of PET preforms used for manufacture of plastic bottles.

Continuing the initiated policy of development and diversification of business activities, after three years, Energoprojekt Industrija joined its own assets with the new foreign partners and designed, built and started-up EnergoPLAST, factory for production of plastic closures for PET bottles.

Energoprojekt Industrija shall continue to plan investing into new rentable production programs in Serbia and abroad independently or as a partner of local or foreign companies.