Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

Air Pollution
The technical solution and serious consideration to and tackled successfully a problem of air pollution for the “Novi Belgrade” Heating Station, Belgrade; the “M. Blagojevic” Heating Station in Lucani; the “Prvi Partizan” Heating Station in Uzice; Power plants of Sugar Refineries in Sabac and Pozarevac; the “Borovo” Thermal Power Plant/Heating Station in Borovo; the “Danube” Boiler House and the “Vozdovac” Boiler House in Belgrade, etc.Otprašivanja

Noise protection
Designs on noise protection in the building of Compressed Air Plant “Zorka” Sabac, Hotel “Croatia”, Cavtat; the Belgrade Theater “Bosko Buha”, etc.

Prevention of harmful effects due to changes in the radio nuclei: “Technical Institute” Zarkovo; Yugoslav Bank of Genetic Resources, Institute of nuclear science "Vinča" - Solid radioactive waste warehouse and safety warehouse of strong radiation sources; Conversion of the „Latrans“ building into plant for the treatment of radioactive waste.

Chemical Substances
Technical solution and resolution of the problem of detrimental effects of chemicals in pharmaceutical plants: Pharmaceutical Plant “Zorka Pharma” Sabac; New plants of “ICN Galenika”; Galenic Forms Plant “Hemofarm” Vrsac; Pharmaceutical Plant Tumen Russia; Reconstruction of pharmaceutical plant “Zorka Pharma” Sabac; Galenic Forms Plant “Fampharm” Belgrade; New Pharmaceutical Plant “Jugoremedija” Zrenjanin; Hydro-Distillation and Multipurpose Synthesis “Zdravlje” Leskovac; Antibiotics Plant “Hemofarm” in Dubovac, etc.

Waste treatment and disposal
Technical solutions have reviewed and resolved waste problems in different industrial fields: food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, metal processing, wood processing, production of celulose, paper, textile, building material etc., ore transportation Kavadarci, mine tailing transportation and disposal from Bor mine, disposal and treatment of communal waste: feasibility study and design for City of Belgrade, project of public and private partnership between the city of Belgrade for providing services of treatment and disposal of comunal waste at Vinča landfill.

Waste Gases
The technical solution and serious consideration to tackle successfully a problem of waste gases for: Gasification “Kosovo” Obilic; “Milan Blagojevic” Lucani: Wall Paper Factory “Hlorvinil” Kalus, Ukraine; Electrolysis Bor; “Natron” Maglaj; Electronic Industry of Nis, etc.

Water Pollution Control
Designs on water protection agains contamination due to waste waters were provided for slaughterhouses, cold stores with processing, mineral water bottling plants, tanneries, dairies and other plants in the field of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.