Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

December 2015.


After obtaining the License category II in 2013, for engineering services in the Republic of Kazakhstan, owing to which EP Industrija managed to be awarded with one of the biggest engineering projects in the history of the company, we are proud to announce that EP Industrija, on the grounds of its additional references, has become a holder of the highest rank engineering licence in the Republic of Kazakhstan – License category I for provision of engineering services.

Therefore, EP Industrijahas been enabled to take participation on the Kazakhstani market as the company licensed for development of all parts of technical documentation in nearly all economic and industrial fields, higher importance tenders, which position the company as one of the most significant engineering companies on the said market.

Acquisition of this license represents the great leap for Energoprojekt Industrija and its further development with regard to business activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

September 2015.

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Air Serbia Premium Lounge

Energoprojekt Industrija
Air Serbia Premium LoungeEnergoprojekt IndustrijaAir Serbia Premium Lounge

Energoprojekt Industrija

At the beginning of September 2015, there was a grand opening of Air Serbia Premium Lounge at the Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade – first exclusive Air Serbia Lounge and one of kind in the country.

Energoprojekt Industrija was awarded the contract for development of design documentation and works execution at the refurbishment with all necessary utilities and their merging into the Airport system, as well as entire interior fit out to the highest standards.