Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.
Period: January - June 2007.

2006. - Successful Year

Because of effective business performance, the goals planned in 2006. were fully carried out. Thanks to the current and new successfully negotiated contracts, EP Industrija has already secured its employment for practically all the time of the year 2007.

"Velefarm" Completed

The Central Distribution Warehouse „Velefarm“ in Belgrade was enlarged in the record time of 4.5 months. EP Industrija constructed an area of 2.500 m2. The value of this investment was 2 million EUR.

Medical Emergency Unit Opened

Emergency Unit of the Clinical Center in Kragujevac City has been constructed and reopened. This is the third contract that the Clinical Center has awarded to EP Industrija which, last year, rendered engineering and consulting assistance in modernization of Oncology & Chemotherapy Ward and the Hopper for Linear Accelerator.

Water and juice bottling plant in Mionica

For the Belgrade-based „Delta Invest“, the preparation of design documentation for a water and juice bottling plant in Mionica is in progress.