Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.
Energoplast d.o.o.

Energoplast is the first factory in the country for production of two-piece plastic closures.

It was built in industrial zone of Zemun in 2001, through investments of Energoprojekt Industrija and EP Entel and foreign partners, being entirely designed and constructed by Energoprojekt Industrija.

Energoplast d.o.o.

Energoplast is technically well equipped factory, capable to produce on the basis of American license 400 million plastic caps, using the state-of-the-art Italian equipment.

Energoplast d.o.o.
According to its quality and health standards, the closure with a molded liner satisfies even the most demanding customers, it provides full safety of bottle content and easy opening. The latest product, the closure ENOXYD has an oxygen scavenging liner, a barrier that eliminates influence of oxygen which is most important in the process of beer production.

The majority of Energoplast production is sold to the leading manufacturers of water and soft drinks in Serbia, among them being: "Knjaz Milos", "Sinalco", "Heba", "Vrnjci" etc.

Official website www.energoplast.co.rs eltec profesionalni alati i garažna opremaE-mail: enplast@eunet.rs