Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

June 2022,.

Comprising three sugar factories in Vrbas, Pećinci and Kovačica, SUNOKO d.o.o. Novi Sad is the largest Serbian manufacturer and exporter of sugar. The company supplies with sugar a great share of the the food and confectionery industry in Serbia and abroad as well as numerous supermarket chains and households. Being a responsible subject in the national sugar manufacturing market, SUNOKO d.o.o. Novi Sad has constantly striven to provide a stable and sustainable supply of the linked industries and the widest range of consumers with this food staple.

Drawing on its development policy and business improvement plan, SUNOKO d.o.o. founded  Sunal d.o.o. Novi Sad, an alcohol manufacturing company whose principal activities are the distillation, purification and mixing of alcoholic beverages.

The invitation to bid came in late 2021 and the negotiations between SUNOKO d.o.o. Novi Sad and Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. Belgrade ensued, conducted in several iterations and covering the provision of design documentation necessary for obtaining the relevant permits and approvals from the competent Ministry for the design titled ENA/PG/Fuel Alcohol Production Plant Construction. The production plant is to be built in Kovačica, Serbia, on cadastral plot no 8690/1. The negotiations were completed successfully with the signing of Contract No 2680-EI/22 / 17/2022 on 8 April 2022.

The capacity of the designed plant is 100,000 l of extra neutral alcohol / pharmaceutical alcohol / fuel alcohol per day, with corn being used as the raw material.

The know-how owner for the process plant is Praj, an Indian enterprise, in charge of the basic design. For the rest of the technology featured in this design, the Client shall provide basic designs prepared by other specialised companies.

The contract shall comprise the following facilities: a corn grinding station, a liquification and fermentation station, a distillation and dehydration station, an evaporation station, a decanting station, a DDGS dryer, a DDGS pelletising station, a wastewater treatment plant, a barometric condenser, alcohol storage tanks, an alcohol pumping station, warehouses, a process water preparation facility, offices and general rooms, roads and utility infrastructure within the complex.

The activities shall be conducted in 2 (two) phases:

1. Phase One

Defining the scope of technical documentation in compliance with the Serbian legal regulations;
Developing technical documentation necessary for obtaining location conditions with the concept design;
Developing a concept design for the CO2 Treatment Plant required for developing the site plan;
Developing the technical documentation necessary for obtaining State Audit Committee’s approval with the Preliminary Design;
Acting upon the competent bodies’ comments;
Submitting documents onto the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures website and obtaining the required approvals (location conditions, unqualified opionion of the Audit Committee) on behalf of and as authorised by the Client;
Managing the works specified in the Contract.

2. Phase Two

Developing technical documentation necessary for obtaining the building permit with a Design for Building Permit;
Developing a Design for Execution;
Developing a 3D model for the Client’s needs using the 3D Plant Autodesk software;
Acting upon the competent bodies’ and technical reviewer’s comments;
Submitting documents onto the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures website on behalf of and as authorised by the Client and obtaining the necessary approvals (building permit, registration of works, Ministry of the Interior’s consent to the Design for Execution);
Managing the works specified in the Offer;
Technical review of the Design for Building Permit.

Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.

ATLANTIC GRUPA D.O.O – Ongoing Project

Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading regional manufacturing enterprises in the food industry. In Serbia, Atlantic Grupa comprises Soko Štark, Grand Prom and Foodland as operating companies and Atlantic Brands as part of Atlantic Grupa’s regional distribution network for Serbia. These companies’ business activities include the production, development, sale and distribution of consumer goods.

Drawing upon the principles of good economy and rentability and reacting to the current situation on the market, Atlantic Grupa’s Serbian branch decided to invest in the renovation and modernisation of their production lines, in order to meet their consumers’ needs and expectations.

The tendencies and business activities of this renowned food manufacturing enterprise in 2021 included the signing of three contracts for the development of technical documentation with Energoprojekt Industrija a.d, namely

The complete Design for Execution has been submitted to the Client, including the Hazardous Area Classification Study and the Fire Safety Design Summary for the renovation of the WAFER production line in the Belgrade complex.

The Design for Execution for the DESSERT line renovation and the As-Built Design for the Belgrade complex covers the following facilities: the main production plant, the finished goods warehouse, the SMOKI production plant, the LADY FINGERS [PIŠKOTE] production plant, the peanut frying line, the boiler house, the transformer substation with a generator, chillers and compressors (within the production plant) with the related indoor utilities and the outdoor utilities within the complex.

c) ATLANTIC ŠTARK d.o.o. - Ljubovija
The Design for Execution for the Refurbishment and Extension of the Ljubovija Complex was submitted onto the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures website on 5 May 2022 and the Serbian Ministry of Interior’s consent is expected.

These projects once again prove Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. to be a highly competent and credible design company for dealing with complex production processes which demand the engagement and consistent and synchronised cooperation of experts specialising in architecture and civil, mechanical, process, water and electrical engineering.

CONTINENTAL Veliki Crljeni- Ongoing Project

Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. opened the year 2022 with the signing of a contract with CONTINENTAL, one of the most esteemed pneumatic tyre manufacturers worldwide, producing lorry, bus and construction vehicle tyres as well as car tyres. The company’s official website states that almost every third vehicle in Europe is delivered with Continental’s tyres

After several months of negotiation and discussion of technical and commercial points, the permanent, perseverant and all-encompassing engagement of Energoprojekt Industrija a.d’s management resulted in the signing of the Contract for the Refurbishment and Extension of the Transporter Tape Production and Regeneration Plant within the Contitech Kolubara Univerzal Serbia complex in Veliki Crljeni, Serbia.

The subject matter of the contract is the development of design and technical documentation, consultancy and works execution, including the procurement and supply of materials and the execution of finishing, hydrotechnical, electrical and power supply, telecommunication, signalling and mechanical works and the works on internal roads and handling areas, for the following:

1. New production building – CALENDER DEPARTMENT;
2. Refurbishment and extension of the existing conveyor belt production and regeneration plant;
3. Construction of a new boiler house;
4. Construction of a new 10(6)kV/0,4kV; 2X2000 kVA transformer substation.

The Concept Design for the new production plant and the extension of the existing facility has been developed, including the process design required for the Urban Development Design (which is the Client’s obligation). The Location Conditions for the new transformer substation have been obtained, and the process for obtaining the Location Conditions for the new gas boiler house which should replace the existing boiler house has been initiated. The capacity of the new boiler house should be sufficient for the whole complex.

Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. has already prepared the graphic documentation for the foundation, duct and pits for the equipment delivered from Slovakia for the Calender Department’s existing production plant. Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. and the Client have been cooperating closely through regular weekly meetings so as to maintain continuity and meet the set deadlines for the delivery of technical documentation and other services specified in the contract.


The Johnson Electric Group is one of the global leaders in the production of electric motors, micromotors, actuators and motion subsystems and related electro-mechanical components, serving a broad range of industries, including the automotive, smart metering, medical devices, business equipment, home automation, ventilation, white goods, power tools industry, etc.

The plant in Serbia opened in Niš in 2013, and Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. entered into a service agreement with this renowned company in the second half of 2021, covering the development and submission of design documentation, project supervision and work execution supervision for the project titled “The Renovation of the Existing Process Water Cooling System“.

In order to reduce heat dissipation within the plant, small individual chillers shall be removed and an outside central cooling system of 750 kW total cooling capacity shall be executed.

The renovation shall include the installation of new industrial chillers for operation in exterior ambient temperatures (with free cooling mode), the transport of cooling water to the production facility, the substation in the production plant and the distribution of the water to consumers. The design envisages 2 operating and 1 stand-by chiller. The operating chillers’ cooling capacities shall be 500 kW and 250 kW, and the approximate cooling capacity of the stand-by chiller shall be 500 kW.

The existing production plant shall have a heat substation with pumps and heat exchangers. The pipe distribution network to the consumers shall be executed in 5 branches, with the maximum number of connecting points to the operating cooling machines. The pipework shall be executed using HDPP.

December 2021.

After several months of negotiations, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. has signed contracts with Atlantic Štark for three new projects.

Renown company Atlantic Štark, member of successful Antlantic Group, has recognized Energoprojekt Industrija as a responsible and reliable company with decades of experience in designing industry buildings and therefore, entrusted the development of design documentation for construction and refurbishment of production plants for confectionery to EPI.

Cooperation with Atlantic Štark is an excellent opportunity for EPI to prove again its expertise and commitment to quality development of design documentation and validate its name and reputation in business circles.

Within the first contract, it is required to develop As-built design (PIO), Atlantic Group complex (Atlantic Štark) for:
• Production area of 21.785,00 m2
• Storage space of 4.016,00 m2
• Desert Line of 2.500,00 m2.

The second contract involves development of Design for Construction (PZI) for production line waffle of total area for design engineering of 1.600 m2, while the third contract includes development of the entire design-technical documentation and obtaining all required permits and approvals for packaging line, Atlantic Group (Atlantic Štark), branch Ljubovija. The design documentation shall include conversion of storage area in packaging area, as well as extension of new storage area. Total area for design engineering is 1000 m2, out of which 500m2 of existing area and 500m2 of new area (storage area).


Signing of the contract for the development of design documentation for construction of central cooling system for cooling process water within the existing plant of the factory in the complex „Johnson Electric“, represents the beginning of cooperation with this giant in the field of producing electric and electronic equipment for motor vehicles.

Johnson Electric company is doing business successfully in Niš for years and has now decided to upgrade its business by extending production capacity of the factory Johnson Electric with third phase of building. Within that extension, company Energoprojekt Industrija has been assigned to design centralized cooling system for cooling process water, and we hope that that is just the beginning of successful cooperation with this company.


At the end of 2019, Energoprojekt Industrija has continued its long-standing cooperation with the company JUB by signing the contract for the development and compliance of technical documentation with local regulations, consulting services for obtaining permits and approvals for the project of Production plant for paste-like skim compound, facade render and exposed aggregate concrete production plant.

The goal of this project is to optimise the production and packaging process, increase capacities with highest level of automatization with the intention to increase productivity and decrease the number of people involved in this process.

Based on the design documentation developed by EPI, all required permits for execution of works (which are successfully finished) were obtained, and it is now possible for EPI to develop As-built designs for technical commission and obtaining usage permit for the said plant. Previously, Ministry of Interior has issued approval for Design for Construction and the application for the completion of the building in structural terms was made. EPI’s designer team has visited the location and currently works on developing As-built design documentation.


At the beginning of the year, Energoprojekt Industrija has successfully contacted work with one of the most significant companies in the field of household chemicals, Henkel, on developing technical documentation for capacity extension for buildings: “Plant for production of refreshing and toilet care balls with packaging and raw material warehouse” and “Plant for production of detergents for machine washing”. For the purpose of extending capacities of buildings within the complex of Henkel factory in Kruševac, it is necessary to relocate the existing burner. The industrial burner is a device that represents special structural unit in the Plant for powder detergents.

For all the above mentioned, as a Bidder who met all technical conditions, Energoprojekt Industrija was chosen to also develop design documentation for the relocation of industrial burner within the existing detergent plant.

Technical documentation shall include necessary designs for newly designed route for natural gas to the nearest tie-in point at the existing gas distribution network that shall supply relocated burner at the new location and be part of the interior gas distribution system (UGI).