Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

Design development and consultant service for the construction of ATC tower within the Nis Airport– „Aerodromi Srbije“ d.o.o.

After 2020 that was defined by COVID 19 Pandemic and other difficulties for business operation, EPI has started 2021 with intensified acquisition activities oriented at a wide specter of business areas where business cooperation can be achieved.
Since EPI has successfully worked on the project for ATC tower at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Surcin (it is currently being constructed, and design supervision is in progress), we have successfully passed all phases of application for the participance in the tender posted by „Aerodromi Srbije“ d.o.o. Nis for the centralized public procurement „Design development and consultant services for the construction of the new ATC tower within the airport in Nis“.

It is required to design building that shall have two independent parts for two different users:
1. SMATSA d.o.o. Belgrade, i.e. their organization unit Airport Air Traffic Control (ATC) Niš.
2. „Aerodromi Srbije“ d.o.o. Niš,

as two physically separated units, that shall be intended for independent users, and in such way the design shall provide separate entrances, corridors, and accesses to rooms that are intended to different users. Independence shall be achieved not only through physical detachment of rooms per floors, but in functional sense as well.

The building shall be located next to the platform and parking positions in front of the taxiway. Lower parts of the building shall have G+2 floors, and the tower itself shall have G+5 floors, which shall represent vertical communication to the dome with planned rooms, staircases and elevator. Total area of the designed building shall be approximately 2.500 m2.

Design documentation shall include the following:

1. Preparatory works;

2. Construction of the building and appurtenant facilities (transformer station, chillers, underground tank for diesel fuel, reception area with security check-point, underground water tank for fire protection in accordance with fire protection regulations and additional volume for industrial water and cesspool (if necessary) in accordance with urban design and location conditions);
3. Construction of the airport meteorological office;
4. Outdoor parcel arrangement, with the construction of parking platform;
5. Construction of access road and internal roads;
6. Construction of patrol road and service road at the boundary line between security – restrictive area and public area of the airport, including the fence;
7. Power system and telecommunication grid.

EPI shall continually cooperate with Client’s representatives – Committee for monitoring project development in all phases of the project, to ensure unhindered fulfilment of contractual activities at mutual satisfaction.

Refurbishment and construction of internal roads within airport complex “Konstantin Veliki” in Niš

Public procurement notice for centralized public procurement “Other technical documentation for “Aerordomi Srbije” d.o.o. Niš, part – Development of design documentation for refurbishment and construction of internal roads within airport complex “Konstantin Veliki” in Niš” reference number 5/2021 was published on March 17th, 2021 at the public procurement portal.

EP Industry’s Offer was accepted, because the Client’s committee has determined that this business entity has offered the most economical offer, fulfilled all qualitative criteria and delivered proofs in accordance with requirements and tender documentation. The Contract was signed on May 14th, 2021.

The subject of the design documentation is refurbishment and construction of internal roads within the airport complex in the zone B – Passenger-technical complex (northeast part of the airport complex), zone V – Cargo for air traffic and technical service complex as well as access road to zone A – Tower complex.

Internal roads that are part of the design documentation have the following area:

1. Asphalt roads 28.000 m2

2. Parking lots for passengers 15.000 m2
3. Parking lots for service vehicles 20.000 m2
4. Pavements and platforms 13.000 m2
5. Vegetation area 33.0000 m2

Technical documentation shall include:

* Concept solution;
* Preliminary design;
* Design for building permit;
* Design for construction;

including all required Elaborates, studies and other technical documentation in accordance with building occupancy and law regulation.

HENKEL Srbija d.o.o. – Two new plants with appurtenant facilities

EP Industry has successfully finalized negotiations with its long-term business partner on several joint projects, HENKEL Srbija d.o.o. in the beginning of March.

Signing the Contract on business – technical cooperation has marked the official start of the activities on the development of design documentation for the construction of buildings and refurbishment of the existing facilities within the Plant HENKEL Srbija d.o.o in Krusevac.

The scope of works includes interventions at the existing finished products storage so that it can be adapted into Plant for production of refreshing and toilet care balls; construction of new packaging and raw material warehouse and Plant for production of detergents for machine washing.

In order to ensure unhindered functioning and transportation of raw material, finished products, employees and vehicles, design documentation shall provide all accesses, roads and platforms for pedestrians and vehicles for all planned process and structural installation interventions.

Oktobar 2020.
Ernest Chemist Ghana Fabrika lekova – izvođenje radova

Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. je 2016. godine sa Investitorom „Ernest Chemist Limited“ ugovorila izradu tehničke dokumentacije za izvođenje fabrike farmaceutskih proizvoda u Temi, u Gani, kapaciteta tableta (kapsula) godišnje, uz proširenje godišnje proizvodnje sa 1.000.000 litara sirupa i 5.000.000 litara infuzionih rastvora. Potpisan je ugovor za pružanje konsultantskih usluga, koje, pored ostalog, obuhvataju i odobravanje nabavke opreme, transport, isporuku, proveru, puštanje u rad i kvalifikaciju i obuku osoblja za GVK sistem. Polovinom avgusta 2018. godine na lokaciju je otišla ekipa inženjera, stručnjaka za mašinske, GVK i elektroinstalacije, a iz Beograda im se sve vreme pruža neophodna tehnička podrška.

October 2020,.
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Following several months of negotiation between Heineken® and Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. in 2019, this world-class premium brand chose Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. as a trustworthy contractor, renowned for its reliability and experience. The two companies signed a contract for the purchase and delivery of material and the execution of works on the construction of structures bearing process equipment for the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) within the Zaječar brewery complex.

Numerous factors have influenced the postponement of the planned completion deadline. The unexpected Covid-19 pandemic has certainly had the most detrimental impact, reducing the number of subcontractors during the two-month state of emergency to just one company working with only a limited number of people, while the other subcontractors cancelled or postponed their works, being unable to provide accommodation and appropriate working conditions for their staff.

All this time, the works have been executed in exceptional conditions, as emergency was declared in Zaječar due to the sudden rise in the Covid-19 incidence rate in July. The following preventative measures for limiting the spread of Covid-19 have been taken since the beginning of the pandemic: all gatherings in closed space are forbidden, on-site face-to-face meetings with the supervisor, client and subcontractors can be held outdoors only, all people accessing the construction site have their temperature taken on a daily basis, face masks are worn indoors, points for hand washing and sanitising within the construction site are clearly marked, shaking hands is forbidden and physical distancing during work is implemented whenever possible.

Note: The photograph dates from the execution period – July and August 2020

Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.

October 2020.
Ernest Chemists Ghana Pharmaceutical Plant – Works Execution

In 2016, Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. closed a contract with Ernest Chemists Limited for the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of a new pharmaceutical plant in Tema, Ghana. The plant’s intended capacity is 1,000,000,000 tablets (capsules) per year, and the current plant’s production capacity shall be widened by 1,000,000 litres of syrup and 5,000,000 litres of IV dilutions per year. The contract covers consulting services, including the purchase of equipment, transport, delivery, inspection, commission and HVAC system staff training. Ever since a team of Energoprojekt Industrija’s engineers specialising in mechanical HVAC and electric power supply systems went to Ghana to join the staff at the site, they have received the necessary technical support from the Belgrade office.

October 2020.

In August 2019, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. closed contract for the preparation of technical documentation for the refurbishment, adaptation, remediation and construction of the Kruševac General Hospital.

The contracted services included

• Surveying of the existing condition of the facilities and their systems;
• The design for parcellation and re-parcellation;
• Urban development design with concept design;
• Preliminary and detailed designs in compliance with Article 145 of the Planning and Construction Law;
• Designs for building permit and detailed designs for the construction, refurbishment, adaptation and remediation;
• Consulting during the process of application for the necessary permits and consents in compliance with the Location Conditions and the Central Registry of Integrated Building Permit Procedures.

The Kruševac General Hospital comprises 18 facilities of different structure, number of storeys and quality of the existing condition, occupying approximately 29,995 m2 of the 76,039 m2 of the complex.

During July and August, the preparation of technical documentation continued in rather difficult conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the specific intended purpose of the said facilities.

October 2020.

The election of eight trade union board members and three trade union supervisors to the Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. Trade Union was held on 7 July 2020, from 10 am to 12 pm, at the Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. premises.

The newly elected members of the Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. Trade Union Board are Katarina Stojilović (Architectural Department), Dražen Došenović (Civil Engineering Department), Miloš Simonović (Electrical Engineering Department), Anita Radenković (General Department), Andrea Stojilkov (Engineering and Marketing Departments), Željko Mohora (Mechanical Engineering Department), Dragana Janjušević (Hydrotechnical Engineering Department) and Milan Bukač (Graphic Department).

Based on the results of the vote, the new members of the Supervisory Board of the Energoprojekt Industrija a.d. Trade Union are Darko Savović, Jelena Cvetković and Željko Jaranović.