Energoprojekt Industrija a.d.

September 2019.

Although the summer months are traditionally considered a period of low business activity due to the holiday season, Energoprojekt Industrija has recorded a period of outstanding performance in terms of both continuous accomplishment of ongoing tasks and projects within the set time schedules and successful acquisition. In August this year, a contract was signed with the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Ltd – Engineering supervision services, as a continuation of the long-standing cooperation with this company on the execution of construction works on the SMATSA Belgrade building and its annex and the airport flight control tower at Surčin Airport, for which Energoprojekt Industrija prepared the full technical documentation for all design phases, from Concept Design to Execution Design. The total gross building area of the underground and aboveground levels of the Annex and Control Tower is P=7,423.72 m2. The team of experts shall be led by the head design engineer, D. Vranješević, Master of Civil Engineering.

September 2019.
Preparation of Technical Documentation for the Refurbishment, Adaptation, Extension and Construction of the General Hospital in Kruševac and Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for the Health Care of Mother and Child in Belgrade

Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.
Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.

Keeping up with business trends in the home and global market, for several years already Energoprojekt Industrija has been listed in the register of bidders published on the United Nations Global Marketplace website.

Energoprojekt Industrija meets the strict requirements and the highest standards in the bidding process, not allowing for frauds, unprofessional activities, corruption and non-ethical business conduct in the procurement process and contract implementation; accordingly, a Marketing Department representative attended the training for participation in UNDP e-tenders on UNDP premises in New Belgrade on 30 August 2019.

In April and May 2019, the company put a lot of effort into qualifying for participation in two tenders invited by the United Nations Development Programme Serbia, related to the modernization of health facilities.

As a result, two contracts were signed in August:

  • Preparation of Technical Documentation for the Refurbishment, Adaptation, Extension and Construction of the General Hospital in Kruševac, in accordance with the UNDP United Nations Development Programme Reference: RFP 575 published on 9 April 2019. The contract was signed on 6 August 2019.
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation for the Refurbishment, Adaptation, Extension and Construction of Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for the Health Care of Mother and Child in Belgrade, in accordance with the UNDP United Nations Development Programme Reference: RFP 583 published on 13 May 2019. The bilateral contract was signed on 16 August 2019.

The goal is to create functional healthcare institutions with increased efficiency, larger capacities and an improved health care system.

This modernization shall enable the establishment of a safe, functional and healthy environment for the patients, staff and visitors, in line with the contemporary trends worldwide.

The phase implementation of works shall allow for all activities to be executed in a logical, efficient and realistic order which shall not disturb the performance of everyday activities in the General Hospital/Institute.

The planning of this undertaking as a whole shall be based on the Investor’s demands, which need to be approved by the UNDP Portfolio Manager in order to ensure full support to the users.

The refurbishment of construction elements of facades, roofs, doors and windows shall improve energy efficiency, while the innovation of floor and ceiling finishes, the execution of staircase finishes and the replacement of lifts shall improve the quality of health care, as well as the modernization of the HVAC systems, electric power systems, medical gas supply systems, boiler room, car park access roads and the landscaping of pedestrian and green areas.

Special attention shall be paid to the environment protection measures related to medical waste treatment prescribed by the Environmental Impact Assessment Study.

Technical documentation development and the relevant activities shall be executed in compliance with the Refurbishment and Renovation Programme for Public Educational, Health and Social Care Institutions published by the Public Investment Management Office of the Republic of Serbia. An Operative Manual was published for the purpose of implementing the programme, with special focus on Annex 3 – Project Documentation Development Guidelines of 20 June 2018.

Technical documentation development and the relevant activities related to the refurbishment, adaptation, rehabilitation and construction of these medical institutions executed by Energoprojekt Industrija shall include the following:

Ø  The survey of the existing condition of buildings and systems;

Ø  Allotment and re-allotment designs;

Ø  Urban plan with concept design;

Ø  Preliminary designs and execution designs pursuant to Article 145 of the Planning and Construction Law;

Ø  Building permit designs and construction, refurbishment, adaptation and rehabilitation designs;

Ø  Consulting services during the application for all the necessary approvals and permits in accordance with the Location Conditions and the Central Evidence of Unified Procedures method


General Hospital in Kruševac

The General Hospital comprises 18 facilities of varying structure, number of floors and current condition, with total area of approx. P=29,955 m2. Most of the facilities are 50-60 years old, on average. Some were refurbished in the 2006-2015 period, when their continuous maintenence, functionality and hygiene were improved.

The General Hospital complex occupies an area of approx. 76,039 m2.

Apart from the Emergency, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgical Departments, Internal Medicine Clinic, etc., the site features the oldest facility for technical maintenance (approx. P=540 m2), which is considered a local architectural landmark, under special protection of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia.

Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for the Health Care of Mother and Child in Belgrade

The subject of modernization shall be all 17 existing facilities within the complex, of approximate total area P=27,157 m2, with the exception of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank, which is covered by another tender procedure.

The facilities were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Their structures, number of floors and current states differ significantly. Only a few of them were refurbished in the 2000-2010 period.

An Energoprojekt Industrija design engineer shall inspect and analyze all the possibilities for refurbishment, adaptation and/or extension, which shall not exceed 20% of the total area of the existing buildings, as specificed in the offer request.

In addition, all the necessary changes and improvements, such as the relocation of the existing services, shall be considered and implemented with full respect of the limitations of the existing urban infrastructural networks and the limited possibility of new connections.

Having signed these two contracts, Energoprojekt Industrija has confirmed that it is a qualified bidder capable of meeting all the requirements of the Design Task (Terms of Reference), since it has the necessary experience in working on similar projects and the professional and financial stability and qualified manpower – key staff (with minimum 10 years of work experience), while implementing the ISO quality certificates – QMS, OHSAS, EMS and EnMS.

June 2019.

Adaptation of Production Plant and Offices in Existing Facility

The EnergoPET Ltd Krnješevci production and storage complex for the production of PET preforms is located on cadastt no. 1873/2, cadastral municipality of Krnješevci. This manufacturing and business facility consists of an administrative section, a production plant – factory, a warehouse and several silos, located next to the south facade wall of the factory.

In order to boost their business activities, the Investor expressed interest in the adaptation of the production plant and offices of the existing facility. The redesign of office spaces and changing rooms with a special focus on improved functionality shall also include the replacement of all flooring, suspended ceilings and heating, ventilation, electric power and telecommunication and signalling systems. The design shall include the construction and finishing works on the facade, such as the replacement of metal windows and facade panels and the rehabilitation of the roof covering.

By signing the contract, Energoprojekt Industrija has committed to the provision of services related to technical documentation development, consulting during the application procedure for all the necessary approvals and permits, and expert supervision during the adaptation.

The preparation of technical documentation shall include the development of the Preliminary Design (IDP) for obtaining the Formal Decision on Construction Approval, Execution Design (PZI), Energy Efficiency Report, Fire Protection Report and Main Fire Protection Design.

June 2019.
Extension of Existing Factory and Warehouse Production Capacity

Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.

Energopet is a company specializing in the manufacture of PET preforms used in the production of containers used for bottling water, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, milk, chemical products, etc. PET is a polyethylenterephthalat, the finest form of polymer plastic, which has found its application not only in the chemical and textile industry but also in the food industry, as the primary raw material for the production of PET containers.

The Investor intends to expand the production capacity of the factory, by extending the existing processing sections to comprise the current location of the existing final product warehouse. The extension involves the installation of three new production machines, which shall result in the conversion of the final product warehouse to another processing section which shall be added to the existing facility’s capacity. The refurbishment shall also include the design of the foundations for the four new raw material silos, a part of the steel roof structure, the replacement of roof covering, the installation of rooflights for natural light, the load-bearing structure of the piping, the new LED lighting, the supply to the process consumers – three new machines, the heating and ventilation, cold water distribution from the cooling station to the lines in the processing section and the compressed air distribution to the lines in the new processing section no. 3.

At the Investor’s request and based on the accepted Energoprojekt Industrija’s offer, the contract covers the preparation of technical documentation for the Concept Design (IDR) for obtaining the Location Conditions, Building Permit Design (PGD), Execution Design (PZI), Energy Efficiency Report, Fire Protection Report, Hazardous Area Report and Main Fire Protection Design as well as consulting services related to the application for all the necessary approvals and permits and expert supervision during the execution of works.

June 2019.

It is well-known that Energoprojekt Industrija’s main business activity is the design of industrial facilities and plants by its specialized engineering departments and with the hiring of specific outsourcers.  The planning of business activities calls for continuous education of all employees in their respective fields of expertise. The many years of training electrical and mechanical engineers through the design of specific-purpose facilities contributed to the issuance of the Formal Decision 09/4 no. 217-567/19 on 11 April 2019 by which the Serbian Ministry of the Interior – Emergency Management Sector authorized Energoprojekt Industrija to design special fire protection systems and measures when designing and preparing the following:

  1. Stable fire alarm systems;
  2. Stable explosive gas and vapour detection systems;
  3. Hazardous area analysis and determination of these areas in places at risk of explosive mixtures of flammable gases, flammable liquid vapours and explosive substances;
  4. Electric power systems and devices for spaces at risk of explosive atmospheres (flammable gases, flammable liquid vapours and explosive dusts) and explosives;
  5. Smoke and heat exhaust systems

Now that Energoprojekt Industrija has obtained this Formal Decision, the range of services provided by the company’s design engineers in the field of fire protection of buildings is broadened even further, which increases the autonomy and competitiveness of Energoprojekt Industrija, allowing for more room for the company’s progress in the present business environment.

May 2019.
Refurbishment and extension of the buildings and facilities within “Nikola Tesla” Airport planned to be realized in two phases by 2025 year – Terminal I building and auxiliary facilities

Halfway through 2018, EP Industrija plc started cooperating with Vinci Constructions for their main investor – Vinci Airports, concessioner of the “Nikola Tesla” Airport. During last year, through implementation of several agreements, technical documentation for Conceptual design, Concept design and Preliminary design was completed and delivered.

Preliminary design for refurbishment and extension of the buildings and facilities within “Nikola Tesla” Airport was first approved by Investor, and then submitted in electronic form to the Review commission of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Grantor – Vinci Airports company, and Serbian Government on February 18th, 2019.

Signing of the new agreement for developing technical documentation for Design for building permit and Design for construction for the refurbishment and extension of the buildings signifies continuance of the cooperation with Energoprojekt Industirija plc, and confirmation of the quality of previously provided services.

April 2019.

Lafarge BFC Ltd – Chlorine Bypass

Client Lafarge BFC Ltd, part of the group LafargeHolcim, in accordance with planning its activities for the forthcoming period, wishes to increase alternative fuel usage in the cement plant in Beočin, to improve its system for pre-heating raw material meal and rotary kiln, as well as to decrease the number of unplanned halts caused by high chlorine concentration in the system. In order to achieve that, three new process systems are planned to be introduced:

I Chlorine bypass system
II System for waste dust dosing into cement mills
III System for dosing to satellite burner

Agreement was signed, and Energoprojekt Industrija plc, company for design services with required licenses, was hired to provide:

A Design nostrification – Compliance of the foreign documentation of the design company PSP Engineering from Czech Republic with local regulations in the requested scope, form and content for the purpose of acquiring building and exploitation permit;

B complete technical documentation, starting with the Concept design, Preliminary design, Design for building permit, Design for construction, design calculation and graphic documentation for tender dossier and works execution; all necessary reports and detailed fire protection design. .

April 2019.
Serbia And Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA
Construction of the Terminal Area Radar and its Appurtenant Infrastructure, TAR Belgrade

Enegroprojekt Industrija a.d.
For the forthcoming period, as part of their business strategy, Serbia And Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc plans to construct new Terminal Area Radar which will help improve the quality of their services. In that way, they will improve radar area coverage of the whole airspace of Republic of Serbia. By analyzing all technical, infrastructural, legal, regulatory and financial aspects, an optimal location for construction was chosen, which will enable more efficient tracking and control of the airspace of Belgrade which falls under air control of airports in Belgrade and Batajnica.

By installing TAR radar, airspace will be more efficiently utilized. By defining primary component during airplane's moving on the taxiway and with easier detection of aircrafts while taking off and landing, workload for employees in the ACC and ATC in Belgrade will be decreased.

As part of the radar station, it is planned to be constructed not only a container type building for storing necessary technical and processing equipment, but also a tower with roof where rotary mechanism of the radar system with radar antennas will be placed.

To realise this project, the client hired EP Industrija as a reliable partner who proved itself during three years of successful cooperation on numerous projects.

April 2019.
NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad, Capital Construction Department – Exploration and Production block
Simplified Mining Design for construction of the stand-by boiler within the CO2 extraction plant in Elemir

Cooperation between EP Industrija plc and NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad Capital Construction Department for providing simplified Mining Design for construction of the stand-by boiler within the CO2 extraction plant in Elemir.

Construction of the new Boiler room, dimensions 16.00 x 8.75m with the stand-by boiler that will be connected to the existing Boiler room, is planned at the Oil and Gas Preparation Unit in Elemir, within existing Amine Plant. This stand-by boiler has the capacity of 14.3 MV, and the amount of produced steam is 22000kg/h at the pressure of 13 bars.

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Sector for Emergency Management has issued a decision giving consent to the prepared and delivered technical documentation on February 13th, 2019.

April 2019.
Solid and sterile pharmaceutical forms production factory, Tema, Ghana

Energoprojekt Industrija plc has signed an agreement to prepare Preliminary design and Design for construction for the pharmaceutical factory in Tema, Ghana, with the capacity of tablets (capsules) per year with the expansion of production from 1.000.000 l of syrup per year and 5.000.000 l of infusion solutions, with the client "Ernest Chemist Ltd", which is considered one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the West Africa. After signing the agreement for providing consulting services, that also comprise of approving procurement of equipment, transportation, delivery, testing, commissioning, qualification and staff training for HVAC system and its parts, in mid-August 2018, team of expert engineers in the field of mechanical and electric services has gone to the site.